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A Local Favorite for Mediterranean Cuisine!


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These guys are completely amazing! We have ordered from here a few times, and the food is always fantastic and exceeds our expectations are, but thats not what finally prompted me to write a review today. In anticipation of a big meeting, I placed an order through Grubhub a few hours in advance, to be delivered at a specific time. However, for some reason, the restaurant was not even notified of the order until about 30 minutes before it was supposed to be delivered (absolutely infuriating, and threatened to ruin the dinner meeting. Way to drop the ball and take no responsibility for it Grubhub). When the restaurant realized what had happened (and that my order was due in a half hour), They made our huge order first priority, and the sweet guy who helped me on the phone drove it over himself to ensure its timely arrival. We were incredibly impressed with how out of their way they went to ensure our satisfaction. These guys have our business for life! Grubhub, on the other hand, acted like they couldnt be bothered, and didnt even explain the mistake or make any sort of offering (The least they could have done was divert their service fee back to the restaurant, as the order would have been a disaster if the restaurant had not stepped in to correct GrubHubs mistake).


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Really fast delivery, and I love their lemon chicken! I get the lemon chicken plate, which comes with brown rice (or white rice or fries), a small salad, pita bread, and the lemon sauce (which is just a thin lemony mayo type sauce). For 9.99 it's a really good value though their salad dressing is kind of bland. I love that I can get brown rice for no extra charge though! Their gyro plate is also really good, as is the meat combo with steak kabob and lemon chicken.


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Love this place. I've never actually been to the restaurant, I instead like to order online through GrubHub. The delivery time is great and usually the food is done sooner than expected. The lemon chicken plate is delicious and Ken is always nice when he delivers my food. :)


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I didn't have enough to pay for all my orders. I was so embarrassed but was ready to take the loss. They gave me the food I couldn't afford on the house. Amazing staff. Kind and awesome. I cant eait to get back to try the Gyro. The Falafel was bomb.


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California Pita is Awesome! Good, fresh food, they are always friendly, efficient and the delivery is usually very fast. A great local favorite! :)

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I order from here about twice a month. Love the Lemon Chicken Pita Sandwich and the Greek Salad! Good, tasty chicken (big chunks of white meat) and fresh veggies (crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes). Fast delivery and great service too.


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They were great!! I got the spanakopita and lamb plate and everything was delicious and not greasy at all! I would highly recommend them! Yum!


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Food is very good and delivery is fast. It normally arrives quicker than the quoted 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Recommended.


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Delicious, consistent, value and fresh. That's how I'd describe Cal Pita.

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